Friday, July 19, 2013

Construction Accident Prevention: Ladder Safety

The prevention of work-related injuries is a priority for business owners and employees in the construction industry. Construction accidents can occur on work sites when proper safety guidelines and requirements are not met. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2011, contractors represented 12 percent of fatal injuries on the job, with California showing some of the highest rates of contractor work-related fatalities in the country. Injuries that occur in the construction industry require 14 days median away from work, with 30 percent of these injuries requiring a full month away from work for recovery.

According to OSHA, work related fatalities in construction are attributed to four major causes: falls, electrocutions, being struck by an object, and getting caught/stuck. Many injuries on construction sites are preventable, if the appropriate steps are taken to meet safety regulations. One important way to prevent falls at construction sites is by ensuring ladder safety.  This fact sheet from provides a ladder inspection checklist, which suggests checking your ladder for flaws and making sure it’s clean and dry before stepping on it.